Veronika Sladká

Veronika Sladká completed her BA in the History of Philosophy and European History at Charles University, and is currently working on her PhD in book history. She helped research for Project Vox.

Tae Markey

Tae Markey earned her undergraduate degree at Duke University. She majored in Philosophy and led the Undergraduate Philosophy Club. Tae worked with Project Vox on the research team translating Émilie du Châtelet.

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is the artist behind the Project Vox logo and branding. He manages web presences and assets for the Duke University Office of News and Communications.

Olivia Branscum

Olivia Branscum graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with double majors in Philosophy and Studio Art in 2015. While at UNC, Olivia managed the university’s student-run radio station for two years, and remained active in community radio in the area. She worked as Lead Researcher and Outreach & Assessment for Project Vox. […]

Adam Griggs

Adam Griggs is a Research Services Librarian at Mercer University. He holds an MA in Philosophy from The New School and in Information and Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill. As a Field Experience Intern with Duke University’s Digital Scholarship Services, he worked as an assessment analyst to measure the scholarly impact of Project Vox.

Adela Deanova

Adela Deanova earned her Masters in Philosophy at Duke University, writing a dissertation on the natural philosophy of Robert Boyle and John Locke, and Cavendish’s critique of Boyle and Hooke. She is fluent in French and worked on a translation of the Masham-Leibniz correspondence into English. She worked with Project Vox as Lead Researcher and […]

Liz Crisenbery

Liz Crisenbery is a PhD candidate in musicology at Duke University. Her dissertation explores the intersection of gender, politics, and music in fascist Italy, examining masculine identities of fascist composers and reception of their operas. She was the project manager and managing editor for Project Vox.

Roy Auh

Roy Auh earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy, literature, and music at Duke University. For Project Vox, he was the Lead Researcher for Princess Elisabeth and Anna Maria van Schurman. He is currently the Outreach and Assessment Coordinator.