Book binding for “The Psalms of David” embroidered by Anna Maria van Schurman, c. 1660-1678

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“Anna Maria van Schurman embroidered this book binding for a French translation of the New Testament, “”Les pseaumes de David mise en rime Francoise,”” published by Clement Marot and Theodore de Bèze in 1660. At the center and corners of the binding are the coat of arms for the van Schurman and von Harf families. Van Schurman embroidered this book using red velvet, pearls, and silver thread.

Citation: Van Schurman, Anna Maria. Embroidered binding of Psalms of David. Museum Martena, Franeker, The Netherlands
Permissions: This image is used with permission from Museum Martena
Credit: Museum Martena
Associated timeline dates: 1669