Anna Maria van Schurman by Unknown Artist, c. 1637

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“In this engraving by an unknown artist, Anna Maria van Schurman wears a dark dress with a lace collar. She is surrounded by an oval frame inscribed with her name. The Dutch inscription below her portrait is from a 1637 poem by Jacob Cats. It reads: “”To whom is to see this nice image, / Behold, that you see here a praise for all women, / From when the world stood, until today, No one has been alike to her and there will never be someone who may (be alike to her)””
(Translation by Anne Klok, 2019)”

Citation: Unknown artist. 1637. Portrait of Anna Maria van Schurman. Engraving on paper. (14.3 x 8.8 cm) British Museum, London, United Kingdom
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Credit: British Museum
Associated timeline dates: 1637