Anna Maria van Schurman by Steven van Lamsweerde, c. 1657

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In this engraving, Anna Maria van Schurman poses before a curtain that is partially drawn to reveal the Dom of Utrecht in the background. Two putti, or cherubs, hold a scroll with a Latin verse that reads: “The crowd of wise men admires lofty Plato, / And all hold Maeonides [Homer] as an image of a god. The name of Scaliger is also venerable to all people, / And they wish that Heinsiades be his delight. / But you, a Nymph commanding of reverence, the whole world worships more. / For whatever single things [sc. gifts] are present in others, are all in you [sc. in your possession]. / Ant. Æmil. Prof.” In the bottom left corner, the cupid’s scroll reads: “My love/yearning was crucified.” (Translation by Katherine Owensby, 2019)

Citation: Van Lamsweerde, Steven. 1657. Portrait of Anna Maria van Schurman. Print engraving on paper. (30.2 x 22.5) Collection Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, Netherlands
Permissions: This image is used with permission from Museum Catharijneconvent
Credit: Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, Netherlands
Associated timeline dates: 1657