Self portrait by Anna Maria van Schurman, c. 1640 (framed)

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In this image, one of the first pastel portraits made in the Netherlands, the 33-year-old Anna Maria van Schurman depicts herself with pearl accessories, a pleated collar, and a blue scarf draped over her left shoulder. (Source: Pieta van Beek, (2010) “The First Female University Student: Anna Maria van Schurman.” (p. 84)). Her face is neutral and calm, but the rosiness in her cheeks and lips, as well as the spark in her eyes, convey livliness and youth. There is a Latin inscription on the back which reads: “This is a self-portrait painted in different colors of chalk on June 29, 1640 at the age of 33.” (Translation by Museum Martena)

Citation: Van Schurman, Anna Maria. 1640. Self portrait. Pastel on paper. (32 x 25 cm) Museum Martena, Franeker, The Netherlands
Permissions: This image is used with permission from Museum Martena
Credit: Museum Martena
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