Anna Maria van Schurman by Jan Suijderhoef, c. 1649-1666

Image Information

Jonas Suyderhoef engraved this portrait of Anna Maria van Schurman based on Jan Lievens’ 1649 portrait. Like Lievens, Suyderhoef depicts van Schurman sitting at a desk with an pen, ink stand, and what appears to be an empty book – presumably to write in, make notes in, or perhaps read. Van Schurman wears a luxurious fur chemise with pearls in her hair and an expensive rug is draped on the desk. Her calm and serious expression holds the viewer’s gaze. The engraving includes a Latin inscription which reads: “Work of a divine painter, heavenly image / Which a hand worthy of painting Divine images has here given us / Though he wished [to paint] them all, he was not able to paint the Muses, / he portrayed the tenth, and with the tenth, nine.” (Translation by Katherine Oswensby, 2020)

Citation: Suiderhoef, Jan, after Jan Lievens. Mid 17th century. Portrait of Anna Maria van Schurman. Engraving. Museum Martena, Franeker, The Netherlands
Permissions: This image is used with permission from Museum Martena
Credit: Museum Martena
Associated timeline dates: 1750