Launching Sandvox

Project Vox is pleased to announce the launch of a new community space called SandVox, a venue for sharing unconventional, ephemeral, or experimental scholarly work with our audience.

In contrast to our main content—philosopher entries, teaching materials, a timeline, and an image gallery—SandVox projects can be created by anyone, and they are not hosted by Project Vox. Instead, SandVox is an aggregator and portal, one that provides links to resources elsewhere on the web.

SandVox reflects our recognition that the growth of Project Vox has fostered a corresponding growth in the ways people engage with the figures on our site, the historical contexts in which they lived and worked, and the intellectual connections they forged with contemporaries. When those engagements take the form of digital projects such as exhibits or visualizations, it can be challenging to share them in a way that connects with a wide, engaged audience. SandVox will help provide that connection by amplifying the voices of project creators and ensuring that their work is broadly visible.

Much of our thinking about SandVox was prompted by students’ work on data visualizations and by our wish to make their work more accessible to more people. To learn about the projects that catalyzed SandVox, see our Behind the Scenes blog posts on network visualization (Story+, 2022 []; imagining networks of correspondence, 2021 []).

We invite you to explore the first two SandVox projects [] by Junyi Tao and Karen Nielsen, and we look forward to sharing more innovative work in the future.