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A Summer of Philosophical Exploration: From London to Paris and the Mountains of Southern France

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The following “Behind the Scenes” post was written by Duke undergraduate and Project Vox team member Frank Mercer IV. This summer I traveled to England and France to explore the lived experiences of the philosophical figures I have researched on the Project Vox team, to place philosophical ideas in the context from which they emerged. […]

Revealing Voices: Addison Moss

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This post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. This month we are pleased to share a post from a dancer incorporating philosophy into her ballet career.  A year ago, at sixteen, I made the most significant decision of my relatively young life. Perhaps “decision” is a misnomer, or at least bears a different meaning […]

Artificial Intelligence and Hallucinated History

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What happens when artificial intelligence hallucinates history for which there is very little representation? And might we imagine it differently? As Project Vox was gearing up to publish the entry on Nísia Floresta this spring, we struggled to find high-resolution images of the nineteenth-century Brazilian philosopher and advocate for indigenous and women’s rights, abolition, and […]

Announcement: Share your Teaching Resources on Project Vox

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We have a new teaching page and would like to your help filling it with helpful resources for instructors of philosophy. Please read more about our new teaching page here. Teaching materials are welcomed from individuals with relevant subject area expertise and teaching experience. We are organizing these materials into two categories: syllabi and teaching materials. We also […]

Revealing Voices: Kristin Gjesdal on Germaine de Staël

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This post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series.    It was, no doubt, the great questions of the post-Kantian tradition that got me hooked on philosophy: How could one read texts such as Kant’s First Critique, Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals, or Marx’s Capital and not want more? I definitely wanted more. I started working on […]

Project Vox Classroom: Strategies for Effective Collaboration

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This semester, many of our undergraduate team members are registered for a course focusing on the research methods of Project Vox. Dana Hogan and Yasemin Altun are leading the students through a semester of learning the ways that we train students to write for a public audience, how to conduct research in philosophy, and how […]

Behind the Scenes: Network Visualization Story+ Project

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Please enjoy a Behind the Scenes post that provides the story of two undergraduate researchers working to create our first network visualization. Please watch the video below where they explain their process. Here is how the story begins: Duke Kunshan University students Karen Nielsen, majoring in philosophy, and Junyi Tao, majoring in data science, join […]

Introducing the New Teaching Resources Pages

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This post addresses our revised Teaching Page by Emilie Menzel, Teaching Resources Analyst.  We are delighted to announce the results of what has been a year long endeavor: assessing and updating the teaching resources page on our Project Vox website. Project Vox has supported the collection and publication of philosophy course syllabi for nearly two […]

A Research Lead Perspective: Managing Collaborative Research

A Research Lead Perspective: Managing Collaborative Research

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Project Vox is comprised of undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, staff, and community members. With such an array of contributors, our team has developed formalized roles for project management while maintaining flexibility to accommodate different forms of participation and levels of commitment. This post is written from my perspective as Research Lead, a role […]