As a philosophy organization committed to the digital humanities, Project Vox recognizes that digital ways of knowing are not always as stable as webpages displaying text and images. As a team, we struggled to answer questions posed by the possible publication of datasets, data visualizations, and use of third-party intermediaries. How long will this plug-in last? Who will update the data as we learn more? Can the team maintain this function?

Enter SandVox, a place where precarious content may reside. Here we will showcase as well as learn from experimental projects—perhaps they will surprise us in their persistence and influence our site’s growth.

Projects featured on the SandVox page are not maintained by the Project Vox team. Each project page includes contact information for maintainers and links to related organizations and resources. The projects here are available for a limited time and will be replaced with a static informational page when they are no longer available. If you’d like to see your project featured here, please contact the Project Vox team. We welcome submissions of work that engages our materials or the works of the philosophers featured on our site.