Visualizing Networks of Influence on Wikipedia

This visualization uses the “Influences” and “Influenced by” parameters from the “infobox” of philospher Wikipedia entries. Philosophers with a larger number of “Influences” and “Influenced by” data appear more connected. Search for specific philosophers in the top left of the window, where you can also highlight “women philosophers.” Please note that a woman philosopher only appears if she has been categorized as a philosopher by Wikipedia editors. This data was collected from Wikipedia and DBpedia; please also note that Wikipedia infobox parameters and entries are susceptible to change.

The visualization was created by Junyi Tao in advance of her participation with Project Vox and later furthered with feedback from the Story+ 2022 Project Vox team.

Dates Available
January 2024 – January 2025

MIT/X11 (free to use, free to reuse and modify). For details, see

Programmers: Junyi Tao

Story+ students: Junyi Tao, Karen Nielsen
Story+ Project Manager: Kelsey Brod
Story+ consultants: Emilie Menzel, Andrew Janiak, Will Shaw, and Eric Monson

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