Lavinia Fontana, Portrait of Lucia Bonasoni Garzoni, ca. 1590, oil on canvas, 45 × 34 inches (Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art).

Presentation at the Women in Art and Music Conference

Posted on January 31, 2024

In October 2023, three former team members of Project Vox, Meredith Graham, Dana Hogan, and Yasemin Altun, had the privilege of presenting a paper at the conference Women in Art and Music, ca. 1500-1800. Jointly hosted by the National Gallery of Art (Washington DC) and The Juilliard School (New York), this symposium convened an international group of scholars to celebrate the National Gallery’s recent acquisition of a portrait painted by Lavinia Fontana of the sixteenth-century musician, Lucia Bonasoni Garzoni—the first painting by an early modern Italian woman artist to enter the museum’s collection. Stirred by the conference’s call for new critical approaches to the study of early modern women in the arts, Meredith, Dana, and Yasemin gave a talk entitled “Project Vox and Early Modern Women’s Collaborations in the Arts.” Their presentation uses three recent philosopher entries to introduce Vox’s innovative research methodologies to art historians, musicologists, and members of the general public who attended the conference. In their talk, Meredith, Dana, and Yasemin reflect on how early modern women philosophers’ interdisciplinary engagements in the arts resonate with Project Vox’s practices of collaborative writing, mentorship, and outreach.

Watch our presentation here: