Gisbertus Voetius by Anna Maria van Schurman, c. 1647

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Anna Maria van Schurman engraved this portrait of Gisbertus Voetius, the theologian who took her under his wing at Utrecht University. The Latin inscription at the bottom reads: “Look, the face of a son of Voetius for you under a calm image: / The line also marks his divine character. / If you desire more: the image of [sc. his] virtue is alive, / Which [virtue] he himself expresses in his life and writings.” (Translation by Katherine Owensby, 2019)

Citation: Van Schurman, Anna Maria. 1647. Portrait of Gisbertus Voetius. Engraving. (19.5 x 14 cm) Museum Martena, Franeker, The Netherlands
Permissions: This image is used with permission from Museum Martena
Credit: Museum Martena
Associated timeline dates: 1647