Hendrik Frederik van Schurman by Anna Maria van Schurman, c. 1623

Image Information

Anna Maria van Schurman painted this oil portrait of her brother, Hendrik Frederik van Schurman, about 10 years before his death (van Beek 2010, 19). Hendrik Frederik wears a silver vest with a regal colllar and bears a serious expression. Directly above his head there is a Latin inscription which reads: “At the age of 20, 1623.”

Citation: Van Schurman, Anna Maria. 1623. Portrait of Hendrik Frederik van Schurman. Oil on copper. (9.2 x 7.6 cm) Museum Martena, Franeker, The Netherlands
Permissions: This image is used with permission from Museum Martena
Credit: Museum Martena
Associated timeline dates: 1623