Announcement: Our Outreach & Assessment Manual

Posted on August 31, 2020

Since 2016 Project Vox has worked to build and connect a broad community centered around reforming philosophy instruction, and has seen both clear engagement from that audience as well as positive responses from scholars, students, and the general public. In our view, we would not have been so successful, had we not had an individual dedicated to this community-building work, which has ranged from promoting newly published content and building social media networks, to responding to public and educator interest, to helping promote the people and projects that form the growing community of support for new narratives in philosophy.

We believe that outreach and assessment are key parts of a digital humanities project. Like many projects that occur within the bounds of the academic calendar, there are many new students each year, so we created the O&A manual in an effort to maintain consistency as our team changes. Since this manual is written as a guide for Project Vox, it may not apply to all digital humanities projects, but we hope that it provides a sense of how to do this work.

Within the manual, you will find the following information:

  • About the Outreach& Assessment Team
  • Proposed Actions for the Outreach & Assessment Team
  • Social Media Resources & Workflow
  • Assessment Workflow
  • Newsletter Workflow
  • Blogging on WordPress
  • Annual Timeline

Please read the PDF version of the Outreach & Assessment Manual on the Methods page.