Anne Larsen

Posted on March 3, 2020
Project Role: Advisory Board
Institution: Hope College

Anne R. Larsen is Senior Research Professor and Lavern and Betty DePree Van Kley Professor Emerita of French at Hope College (Holland, Michigan). Recent publications include Anna Maria van Schurman, “The Star of Utrecht”: The Educational Vision and Reception of a Savante (2016); Early Modern Women and Transnational Communities of Women (with Julie Campbell, 2009); Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance: Italy, France, and England (with Diana Robin and Carole Levin, 2007); and From Mother and Daughter: Poems, Dialogues, and Letters of Les Dames des Roches (2006). Her co-edited translation with Steve Maiullo of van Schurman’s Latin and French manuscript letters and poems held at The Hague’s Royal Library is forthcoming from Iter Press and “The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe” series. She serves as an advisor to Project Vox.