Title page of ‘Dissertatio de ingenii muliebris’ by Anna Maria van Schurman, c. 1641

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This is the title page of Anna Maria van Schurman’s treatise on women’s education, known as “The Learned Maid, or Whether A Maid Be a Scholar” in English and “Dissertatio de ingenii muliebris” in Latin. This edition was published in 1641 by the prestigious publishing company Elzevier and includes the company’s logo, an image of an old man sitting under a tree with the Latin insciption “Non Solus,” translated as “not alone.” (Source: Len Maniace (2012) “‘A Tale of Fonts’ illuminates the history of the House of Elzevier,” Retrieved from https://www.elsevier.com/connect/a-tale-of-fonts-illuminates-the-history-of-the-house-of-elzevier)

Citation: Van Schurman, Anna Maria. 1641. Nobiliss. virginis Annae Mariae a Schurman Dissertatio, de ingenii muliebris ad doctrinam, & meliores litteras aptitudine : accedunt quaedam epistolae, ejusdem argumenti. Lugdunum Batavorum: Lugd. Batavor. : Ex officina Elseviriana.
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Associated timeline dates: 1641