Launching Sandvox

Project Vox is pleased to announce the launch of a new community space called SandVox, a venue for sharing unconventional, ephemeral, or experimental scholarly work with our audience. In contrast to our main content—philosopher entries, teaching materials, a timeline, and an image gallery—SandVox projects can be created by anyone, and they are not hosted by […]

Elisabeth – Descartes Correspondence Visualization

Created by Junyi Tao and Karen Nielsen

These two visualizations work with correspondence archives collected by the Project Vox team. The first visualization, “Network of Topics: From Elizabeth-Descartes Correspondence,” classifies topics in each known letter between Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes following the index in Lisa Shapiro’s book The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes (2007). Go to the second visualization by changing views on the top left of the screen, which visualizes known letters between Princess Elizbeth of Bohemia and other philosophers.

Visualizing Networks of Influence on Wikipedia

Created by Junyi Tao

This visualization uses the “Influences” and “Influenced by” parameters from the “infobox” of philospher Wikipedia entries. Philosophers with a larger number of “Influences” and “Influenced by” data appear more connected. Search for specific philosophers in the top left of the window, where you can also highlight “women philosophers.” Please note that a woman philosopher only appears if she has been categorized as a philosopher by Wikipedia editors. This data was collected from Wikipedia and DBpedia; please also note that Wikipedia infobox parameters and entries are susceptible to change.