Revealing Voices: Alison Stone

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Alison Stone’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904) was a prominent ethicist, feminist, advocate for animal welfare, and critic of Darwinism and atheism, very well known in the Victorian era. Such was her reputation in her time that when the scientist Richard Owen criticised her for championing animals’ […]

Revealing Voices: Skye Shirley

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Skye Shirley’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. I started keeping a diary when I was twelve.  Like many young women, I found in my diaries a space for unbridled questioning, imagining, and self-expression.  At my peak around age sixteen, I bought a jumbo 500-page journal and filled it within months.  I […]

Announcement: Meet Lady Mary Shepherd, our newest philosopher!

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Meet Lady Mary Shepherd: New Philosopher on Project Vox! Enter Lady Mary Shepheard Imbued with a taste for Prose, poesy, paste Metaphysics to lull her Polemics -Samuel Coleridge Mary Shepherd (1777-1847) was a Scottish philosopher who engaged with numerous scientific and philosophical issues of her era within an especially rich intellectual context. Shepherd (née Primrose) […]

Announcement: Project Vox Classroom Blog Series

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The philosophers featured on Project Vox were historically excluded from formal education, therefore they had to be creative in their pursuit of knowledge. Our newest series, Project Vox Classroom, explores where learning happens and how the classroom experience is shaped when incorporating marginalized philosophers. A relearning of philosophy occurs when syllabi critically consider the boundaries […]

Announcement: Upcoming Changes to Project Vox

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Over the course of the next couple of months, Project Vox will be reflecting changes we’ve been working on over the past year. In the past, Project Vox’s primary focus has been on early modern European and British women philosophers. Our Revealing Voices blog series began featuring scholars working on philosophers beyond the early modern […]

Where Are They Now? Arpita Varghese

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Arpita Varghese is currently the Gender and Humanities Action Analyst for UN Women. She completed her BA in Global Studies at Duke University in 2015, and her MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford. While at Duke, Arpita assisted Project Vox with various research on women philosophers.  This interview is part of Where […]

Revealing Voices: Deepshikha Sharma

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Deepshikha Sharma’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. The Orient or The Occident, the malestreamness of Philosophy pervades all academic institutions. While I dabbled The Vedas and The Republic, I barely came across women philosophers in the prescribed syllabi. Tokenistic approaches or footnotes mentioned them in hushed voices and minuscule fonts. And […]

Collaborative Digital Humanities during the Pandemic: A Retrospective

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As official health reports continue to suggest that an FDA-approved vaccine will be imminently available, the world now braces for a second act to our quarantined existence. Waiting until the summer months to “return to normal” feels both tantalizingly close and dauntingly out of reach, and the question of what will be considered “normal” lingers […]

Revealing Voices: Jacqueline Broad and Catherine Sutherland

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Jacqueline Broad and Catherine Sutherland’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. In his biographical sketch of Mary Astell in 1752, George Ballard records Astell as ‘intimately acquainted with many classic authors.  Those she admired most were Zenophon, Plato, Hierocles, Tully, Seneca, Epictetus, and M. Antoninus.’[1]  In Ruth Perry’s landmark biography of Mary […]

Revealing Voices: Céline Leboeuf

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Céline Leboeuf’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. In addition to this Revealing Voices post, Professor Céline Leboeuf has generously shared a syllabus for her Philosophy of Gender and Race course: Céline Leboeuf Gender and Race Fall 2020 My introduction to Simone de Beauvoir was Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, the first volume […]

Announcement: Our Outreach & Assessment Manual

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Since 2016 Project Vox has worked to build and connect a broad community centered around reforming philosophy instruction, and has seen both clear engagement from that audience as well as positive responses from scholars, students, and the general public. In our view, we would not have been so successful, had we not had an individual […]

Revealing Voices: Meredith Graham

Revealing Voices: Meredith Graham

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This post serves an introduction to the future publication of Project Vox’s Outreach & Assessment Manual. An earlier version of this post was originally presented at the Association for Computers and the Humanities meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in July 2019 and was adapted to reflect the current state of the project. Meredith’s post is part […]

Behind the Scenes: Damla Ozdemir

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Damla Ozdemir’s post is part of our Behind the Scenes blog series. Roy Auh: How and when did you learn about Project Vox? Damla Ozdemir: Around my junior year of high school, I was reading a book about Voltaire because I was interested in physics, philosophy, and history, and found information about Émilie Du Châtelet. I became […]