Tullia d'Aragona

Announcement: Meet Tullia d’Aragona, our newest philosopher!

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Meet Tullia d’Aragona, the newest philosopher on Project Vox! Tullia d’Aragona was a sixteenth-century poet, philosopher, and cortegiana honesta [honorable courtesan], a courtesan recognized and praised for her intellectual abilities. Born in Rome around the turn of the sixteenth century, she traveled to intellectual centers throughout the Italian peninsula, where she gained the favor of […]

Professionalizing Project Vox

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The original Project Vox team in 2014 included faculty and staff and quickly grew to include student workers, both graduate students and undergraduates. If you have read our blog, you know that students are part of all aspects of our team and we pride ourselves on mentorship to and among them. From the beginning, Project […]

Behind the Scenes: Anna Twiddy

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It’s no secret that the Project Vox team features members from all kinds of scholarly backgrounds. From undergraduate students to faculty members, so much of what makes Project Vox unique, and what allows it to accomplish what it has accomplished, can be attributed to the fact that it incorporates so many diverse types of expertise […]

Project Vox Celebrates 100,000 Users

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This semester, Project Vox reached a wonderful milestone: 100,000 unique users have now visited our site! As a small project focused on team mentorship and training in academic research, 100,000 unduplicated visitors to the Project Vox website is a number well worth celebrating. These analytics also demonstrate the importance and reach of open-access scholarship. We […]

Revealing Voices: Dalitso Ruwe

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Dalitso Ruwe’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. In 2019, I became the first Black person to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in philosophy from Texas A&M University. My time at Texas A&M made me appreciate the different traditions of philosophical inquiry. In the areas of research, I was drawn particularly to […]

Behind the Scenes: Visualizing Networks

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Jackson Cooksey and Tristan Kelleher’s post is part of our Behind the Scenes blog series. Our subteam for this semester was dedicated to exploring the feasibility of adding network visualizations to the Project Vox website. Network visualizations have long been a topic of discussion for the team, and this spring we made concrete steps towards establishing […]

Revealing Voices: Alison Stone

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Alison Stone’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904) was a prominent ethicist, feminist, advocate for animal welfare, and critic of Darwinism and atheism, very well known in the Victorian era. Such was her reputation in her time that when the scientist Richard Owen criticised her for championing animals’ […]

Revealing Voices: Skye Shirley

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Skye Shirley’s post is part of our Revealing Voices blog series. I started keeping a diary when I was twelve.  Like many young women, I found in my diaries a space for unbridled questioning, imagining, and self-expression.  At my peak around age sixteen, I bought a jumbo 500-page journal and filled it within months.  I […]

Announcement: Meet Lady Mary Shepherd, our newest philosopher!

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Meet Lady Mary Shepherd: New Philosopher on Project Vox! Enter Lady Mary Shepheard Imbued with a taste for Prose, poesy, paste Metaphysics to lull her Polemics -Samuel Coleridge Mary Shepherd (1777-1847) was a Scottish philosopher who engaged with numerous scientific and philosophical issues of her era within an especially rich intellectual context. Shepherd (née Primrose) […]

Announcement: Project Vox Classroom Blog Series

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The philosophers featured on Project Vox were historically excluded from formal education, therefore they had to be creative in their pursuit of knowledge. Our newest series, Project Vox Classroom, explores where learning happens and how the classroom experience is shaped when incorporating marginalized philosophers. A relearning of philosophy occurs when syllabi critically consider the boundaries […]

Announcement: Upcoming Changes to Project Vox

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Over the course of the next couple of months, Project Vox will be reflecting changes we’ve been working on over the past year. In the past, Project Vox’s primary focus has been on early modern European and British women philosophers. Our Revealing Voices blog series began featuring scholars working on philosophers beyond the early modern […]

Where Are They Now? Arpita Varghese

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Arpita Varghese is currently the Gender and Humanities Action Analyst for UN Women. She completed her BA in Global Studies at Duke University in 2015, and her MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford. While at Duke, Arpita assisted Project Vox with various research on women philosophers.  This interview is part of Where […]